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The Best Packing Materials For Fragile Items


Lots of homeowners worry about expensive and sentimental items getting broken when they’re moving home, and unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for accidents to happen on moving day. One of the best ways to ensure your fragile items make it to your new home in one piece is to pack them correctly. Using the right packing materials and taking your time when packing can make a big difference, and even if your move is last-minute, you shouldn’t rush your packing.

You may want to consider booking a packing service if you have lots of delicate and breakable items, and an expert team will ensure that everything is professionally packed for you. They know the best ways to pack fragile items and they will use the high quality packing materials required to keep your belongings safe. If you’re wondering which packing materials you should use for fragile items, below we have listed some that we consider essential.

Bubble Wrap 

Whenever you’re packing belongings for a house move, bubble wrap is a must-have. This protective material is ideal to wrap around your fragile items and the air pockets in bubble wrap will act as a cushion whilst your items are in transit. Bubble wrap can help to absorb shock and prevent your fragile items from getting damaged when the removal van goes over speed bumps or potholes too. Don’t be afraid to use generous amounts of bubble wrap to keep expensive and sentimental items safe during your move.

Packing Paper 

Similarly to bubble wrap, packing paper is great to wrap your fragile items in when you’re moving home and it will help to ensure they get from A to B in one piece. Lots of homeowners will also use packing paper to fill empty spaces in their boxes to prevent items from moving around in transit. Packing paper is usually a cost-effective option and it’s relatively cheap to buy. Of course, packing paper is fully recyclable too, so if you have a lot of fragile items, this is a more environmentally friendly protective material.

Picture Cartons 

It can be really difficult to pack picture frames, artwork and mirrors as they’re often too big to put into cardboard boxes. Thankfully, picture cartons can make things much easier for you and they are the perfect packing material for any fragile items you have hanging on your walls. Picture cartons are essentially thin cardboard boxes and they’re designed to snugly fit picture frames, helping to keep them safe in transit. When you use picture cartons, you won’t need as much bubble wrap or packing paper for these bigger items.

Strong Cardboard Boxes 

Lots of homeowners will use old cardboard boxes from local shops when they’re packing for a house move in an attempt to save money. Whilst these boxes are okay for general day-to-day items, you shouldn’t put your fragile items in them. There’s a high chance that these flimsy cardboard boxes will break at some point during your move and this can result in everything inside them getting broken too. It’s worthwhile purchasing a few high-quality, strong cardboard boxes for your expensive and sentimental items.

Fragile Packing Tape 

Even if you plan to label all of your boxes, which is recommended by packing experts, you should still use fragile packing tape for boxes containing easily breakable items. It will be much easier for your removal team to see which boxes they need to handle with extra care when you use traditional fragile tape and this tape can help to prevent any accidents. It’s a common misconception that fragile packing tape is expensive, but it won’t cost much more than standard packing tape, so it’s worth getting a roll or two.

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If you’re worried about delicate items getting damaged during your house move, using these packing materials can help to prevent any accidents. It’s fair to say that it’s always beneficial to invest in high-quality packing materials.

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