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Whether you are moving alone or with the help of professional removalists, keeping your high-value furniture protected throughout the transit should be one of your priorities. Perhaps the last thing you would expect is distortion of your expensive assets and furniture parts all dinged up upon arrival. Without proper care and safety precautions, your furniture would undergo scratches and the unsightly marks would definitely ruin your experience of relocation. Luckily, you can save your pockets from costly furniture replacements by following these proven tips.

Get Hold of the Right Packing Materials

A common misbelief prevailing on the internet is that cardboard boxes and packing tapes are sufficient to protect high-value furniture from damage but this has got littles relevance. While these packing supplies can surely safeguard your belongings from distortion, they do not guarantee 100% protection against scratches. Thus, it’s wise to invest in the right packing supplies mentioned below to ensure safe and hassle-free furniture removal services in Birmingham.

  • Bubble wraps
  • Sofa and rug covers
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Ridged cardboard sheets

Since furniture parts are heavy, they are often prone to breaking. These packing materials offer an extra layer of protection against mishandling and keep your assets 100% safe.

Prep Your Furniture for Effortless Packing

We always recommends prepping furniture parts before packing to avoid unwanted scratches or damages during transit. Dust, debris and other contaminants can leave behind unsightly marks and hence, it’s important to give furniture a thorough wipe using a clean and dry microfiber cloth to scrape off loose particles before securing them in bubble wraps. If you are shipping drawers, cabinets or shelves, remove the knobs and pack lightweight items that can provide you with extra storage space and make removals a pleasing experience.

Disassemble Your Furniture Parts Methodologically

Professional removal company in Birmingham always recommends disassembling furniture in a methodological manner and pack them tightly inside moving boxes to make identification quick upon arrival. Screws, nuts and bolts are negligible items and they may easily get misplaced if not secured properly. Packing and storing furniture parts in the right place will make removal easier and mitigate the chances of accidental damaged caused by the shocks and jerks during transportation.

Place Items Strategically to Avoid Damage

Most people make the mistake of stacking boxes on top of another and end up causing significant damages to their pricey belongings. You need to arrange your furniture strategically by hiring the correct movers to ensure they remain intact in place and able to withstand the shocks and jerks during transportation. Here are a few tips of loading your furniture inside moving trucks:

  • Always place heavy boxes on the truck floor and stack lighter items on top. Create support at the backend of the truck to provide stability while loading furniture parts.
  • Upholstered furniture needs special care and attention. Use a strap to secure the furniture pieces and wrap them properly. Placing an additional layer of blanket is always a wise idea for additional security.
  • Don’t forget to pay special attention while unloading your trucks. Make sure to move items in a systematic manner depending upon their size and weight requirements so that it becomes less likely to get damaged.

Moving furniture can take less time and effort if you adhere to the right techniques. The more effort you invest in prepping, the less likely it will be to get distorted during your move. However, if you lack time and patience, the professional furniture removalists at Kwikshift are always there to help. Call our office on 0151 644 5678 and discuss your tailored requirements and we will make furniture removal a breeze without burning a hole in your pocket! Hurry and don’t forget to ask for a free quotation


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